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Stephanie Watson's 100 Days


My goal for these 100 days isn’t to tell you the best way to weight control,
but to help you find a way that’s best for you


For some more than others, we absolutely need sunshine to feel happy and motivated. I suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder and 4 years ago I told myself I’d never live where there’s a full winter season of gloom again.

I am so grateful to live in LA because it’s sunny almost all year round but even still my mood will alter if there are a few days of overcast.

When I lived in Canada this was normal for weeks on end and I found it extremely helpful to go to a tanning bed once a week and supplement with Vitamin D. 

I know even with their improved systems tanning beds can still have harmful effects on your body. But for me I would much rather feel happy in the moment and maintain my motivation and positive energy.

If this is a concern to you, you might want to invest in the lights that mimic natural sunshine somewhere in your home or office. I had a client put one in her home gym and it drew her into workout more frequently. 

Why sunshine is key to weight control and what you can do in the gloomier seasons


I don’t believe this is a healthy approach to do regularly but if I’m going through a phase where I cannot break the desire for eating junk or sugary foods, I’ll sip on black coffee throughout the day.

The bitterness helps cut sugar cravings and the caffeine works as an appetite suppressant. If this approach is overused, it will burn out your adrenal glands, lose its effectiveness, and lead to fatigue. 

Why black coffee is beneficial for curbing hunger and controlling weight


Here’s my approach on alcohol - if i can drink just the right amount (usually 2- 3 max), I keep eating healthy, and I follow this routine, I don’t find it greatly effects my fitness goals or my mental health.

A few drinks, for me, when I feel like it, is a really healthy balance. Just like eating healthy 100% all the time isn’t realistic, for some people like myself, never drinking isn’t sustainable either.

If I eliminate alcohol for too long, I usually drink too much the first time back again or start to feel isolated and too regimented. Those are signs for me that I’ve lost my balance in the other direction. Everything in moderation. 


  1. Before bed, my routine starts (if I can remember to do it) : 1 pack of vitamin C powder, greens and water
  2. The first thing I do when I wake up is the same thing I do before bed - vitamin C, greens, and tons of water. Then I have 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. 
  3. I make a low carb breakfast with black coffee and dandelion tea, and again TONS of water. This flushes out the bloated feeling that comes from alcohol. If you drink no water before bed or when you get up you’ll most likely be dehydrated and won’t feel that puffy feeling until later in the day.
  4. I get outside or get to the gym and move right away. Usually I prefer to just be out in the sun. Nothing makes me feel worse than sitting on the couch and thinking about how sick or hungover I am. 
  5. I don’t eat extremely healthy but I also don’t eat greasy junk food because it makes me feel 100x worse the following day. If I eat that kind of food it makes me want to restrict drinking because it creates that type of a cycle. 


My approach on alcohol, my hangover routine and FOR ME why eliminating alcohol isn't healthy


Sometimes a weekend of being unhealthy is productive if it jolts you back into your routine and wanting to feel good. 

This weekend I celebrated Kate’s birthday, then the following morning I flew to Vegas and celebrated Mike’s birthday, then had an American Football Sunday funday.

It was such a great few days full of alcohol and unhealthy food choices. So obviously I felt weak and tired the first half of the following week.
Monday I still trained. I still ate healthy.

I didn’t stay in bed and I didn’t over- restrict my diet and I tried my absolute best to not regret any decisions I made. I felt off but I didn’t feel discouraged or down on myself.  I just went through the motions until I was back in a groove.

The trick for me is to ride the wave of routine even if it feels like the workouts suck and I should be eating nothing. By the time I’m feeling good again, I’m a few days back into my healthy lifestyle. 

How I bounce back from weekends way way WAY off my routine

  1. Rich Love - One Republic & Seeb
  2. This girl - Kungs & Cookin’ on 3 Burners
  3. False Alarm - Matoma & Becky Hill
  4. Old Thing Back (feat. Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant) - Matoma & Notorious B.I.G.
  5. Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix) - Kyla La Grange
  6. Ain’t Nobody Loves Me Better (feat. Jasmine Thompson) - Felix Jaehn
  7. Raindrops (feat. Kerli) (radio edit) - SNBRN
  8. Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit) - Mr. Probs
  9. Stargazing (feat. Justin Jesse) - Kygo
  10. Hold Your Kite - Goldfish & Sorona

It's a mindset - my top 10 workouts songs right now


Prebiotics are food for probiotics to flourish and do their job so without prebiotics, probiotics aren’t nearly as effective.
INVEST IN A GOOD QUALITY PROBIOTIC ‘probiotics are living microorganisms that scientific research has shown to benefit human health. In some cases they are similar to, or the same as, the microbes already found in a healthy digestive tract. These microorganisms in our digestive tract are collectively called our microbiome. The microbiome is tied to digestion, the immune system, mood balance, essential nutrient creation, and plays a role in allergic reactions as well as viral, bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.

The microbiome can be thrown out of balance through stress, food, alcohol, exercise, medications and antibiotics. That’s why taking a daily probiotic is so important to maintaining balance in the microbiome.

Ora's Probiotic Blend contains clinically documented and acid resistant strains to give a comprehensive mix of probiotic species for optimal digestive health, immune function, mood balance, hair & skin health, and pathogen fighting support (candida, yeast, bacterial and viral)*’

All About Probiotics


Although I’m getting better, these first 3 hours are usually to the minute and hard for me to sway from. They are the foundation of my day and 90% of my effort towards my health. If I do this, all I have to get right is a healthy lunch and dinner. 

  • 4:30am make my morning greens and put pre-workout in a shaker 
  • 4:45am drink my pre-workout while I drive to the gym 
  • 5am train for 90 minutes 
  • 6:30am shower, get ready and take my post workout supplements (adrenal support, estrogen balancing herbs, evening primrose oil, pre and probiotics) 
  • 7am drive to whole foods for breakfast
  • 7:15 - 7:30 breakfast
  • 8am start work 

The first 3 hours of my day: My morning routine


1. I don’t eat breakfast before I train. I like to train on an empty stomach but if I’m being lazy or taking to long to get through my workout, I get hungry. I really don’t like that feeling so I try to get in and out in 45 minutes to an hour. 
2. I choose a time in the day when I have somewhere to be after. This gets me to the gym faster and rushes me through my workout which makes me much more efficient with my time. 
3. I always ask myself “how am I going to feel when I’m eating breakfast? Was I was just lazy or did I really challenge myself and make good use of my time?”

3 tricks I use to get me through workouts


3 Pros of eating Vegan 

  1. it eliminates a lot of junk from your diet (most pastries, chocolate, ice cream, etc.)
  2. it’s a style of eating typically rich in high volume, low calorie foods. This can make over eating less likely and help keep weight in control (lots of fruits and vegetables, tofu, tempeh, etc.)
  3. it makes you extremely mindful of everything you’re eating. This is really beneficial for any style of eating, and any health or weight loss goal. 

3 Cons Of eating vegan 

  1. it’s not very flexible. I find the more flexible I am with my nutrition, the easier it is to sustain. 
  2. unless you’re very knowledgeable or well researched, it’s much more challenging to get all your essential nutrients from a plant based diet alone. With this can come lack of energy, focus, and motivation. 
  3. Although it is a diet rich in high volume foods, many of us, especially those who struggle with weight, don’t function well on a high carbohydrate diet - for me it created hunger but also feeling full from so many vegetables and I really didn’t like that feeling. High carbohydrate diets (especially from grains, rice, pasta, etc.) can lead to insulin resistance and make weight control much more challenging. 

After going vegan for 5 months, my 2 biggest challenges and pieces of advice are : just because a food is vegan, does not mean the food is healthy. This sounds like common sense but it became so easy for me to justify eating things because they were vegan when deep down I knew they weren’t the best choices for my health and fitness goals. And secondly, go into the diet gradually. Don’t jump from eating meat regularly to cutting it out over night. Cut back, see how you feel, then continue to slowly eliminate things as your body adjusts and you can decide if it’s a lifestyle meant for you. 

3 Pros, 3 Cons and 2 mistakes I made when I went vegan


Any time I’m training core, I suck in vs. brace

The brace feeling is the outer ‘six pack’ and although you want a strong outer core, it’s the internal core that’s most important. 

this muscle, known as your transverse abdominals, is what brings your waist in, gives you balance, improves your posture, and protects your spine. 

To train these muscles, you can simply lay or sit and just practise sucking in verses having a lazy tummy. This is going to be the most powerful habit you can implement for increasing strength.  

To go even further, have this motion of pulling in be the absolute foundation of every core exercise. 

start slow, make sure every rep is done leading with the core, and eventually this muscle will become stronger and keeping your stomach in will become more natural to you. 

My biggest piece of advice for training core