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Stephanie Watson's 100 Days


My goal for these 100 days isn’t to tell you the best way to weight control,
but to help you find a way that’s best for you


Any past bad meal, missed workout or night out drinking is done and over. I don’t dwell or obsess over what I did yesterday to decide what I’m going to do today. I start each day completely fresh with no guilt or worry about what’s done. 

A useful skill on how to continue progressing and controlling weight


At a time when all or nothing thinking is at the forefront of our minds, it’s important to remember balance isn’t static. Balance is the ability to adapt and feel in control no matter what your environment is. It might not look the same now as it does regularly but you can still find it, if you’re open to an altered definition. Choose which nights are worth it, which meals are worth it, and hold onto the structure and routine you can to feel your best coming into the new year.

3 things I’ve committed to: 

  1. training - my training has stayed consistent at 8-9x per week 
  2. breakfast - I keep my regular routine of supplements and healthy breakfast 
  3. alcohol - no sugary drinks or wine. Unsweetened margaritas and highballs with water or soda only 

Balance : 3 things I committed to over the holidays


1. Cut carbs almost completely and stuck to 3 meals - my diet consisted of eggs, eggs whites and nuts for breakfast. Lunch and dinner was chicken or lean steak with oil or avocado. 

2. training was twice a day. heavy lifting to keep my metabolism alive and the other was spinning in a sauna with a sweat belt on. 

3. water was upped to about 5-6 litres until the day before when I cut it back to only when i was thirsty. 

4. I drank dandelion tea after all 3 meals to aid in digestion and flush excess fluid in my body.

5. rest. I slept 8 hours a night  and napped almost every day.


i hope you can see that this as a long term plan would be super destructive to the mind and inhibit a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

5 day transformation. What I did...


I make sure I have the following:

  1. My morning supplements: Greens, preworkout, etc.
  2. Healthy breakfast options : eggs, almond butter, greek yogurt, etc.
  3. Workout clothes: sports bra and shorts

My go-to no equipment 30 minute workout:

3x 50 seconds each, 10 seconds rest

  1. Walkouts
  2. mountain climbers
  3. crunches
  4. plank jacks
  5. assisted pushups
  6. high knees
  7. reverse burpees
  8. twisting oblique plank
  9. body saws
  10. frog pumps 

My 3 item checklist and 30 minute no equipment workout for when in a new space


1. I keep exercise part of my morning routine. I’ve made it so it feels weird to not wake up and train. Even an hour delay effects my consistency so it’s really important I remember that and get up and go right away. 

2. I make new goals when I’m bored and I want to push myself - races, events, whatever it may be. 

3. I only train ways that I like to train. If I feel like running, then I run. If I want to do easier workouts , then I do easier workouts. Training for me is about movement, what particular movement is  secondary.

4. I tell selective people what my goals are: people who’s opinion I value and people who will encourage me.  

5. any time I don’t feel like training I remind myself of the last time I felt that way and how good it felt to do it anyways. 

How I stay consistent with exercise


The second you criticize or get down on yourself usually 1 of 2 things happen - you take on an unrealistic and unmaintainable extreme, OR you self sabotage and spiral in the opposite direction of where you want to be. 

one thing I learned through years of coaching is those that laugh at themselves and find humour in their mistakes bounce back much faster than those who don’t. 

Why finding humour in not being where you want to be is beneficial


1. Hydration - I drink an insane amount of water. Alcohol causes dehydration so the body retains in the morning to protect itself and often makes face, fingers and toes swollen. 
2. dandelion tea - this helps flush all the liquid I’m consuming and stimulates the liver to cleanse the body. 
3. electrolytes - I drink BCAAs, and nuun electrolyte tablets to replenish. Flushing the system with a lot of water and dandelion also flushes vitamins and minerals the body needs to feel better.
4. probiotics - alcohol is insanely damaging to the digestive system. The first thing I do is take a prebiotic and probiotic blend to create a healthier gut environment and reduce inflammation. 
5. greens and vitamins - with the exception of A D E AND K, vitamins are water soluble so they leave the body in the urine. Throughout the day I continually take vitamins. 
5. sweat - cardio and the steam room are game changing. It breaks the lazy energy I have the day after drinking. 

My Hangover Routine


1. Know your cut off : if I go past 2 drinks, I make bad food choices and 2 turns to 5 or 6 really easy so I try to draw the line at 2. 

2. stick to low calorie options : there’s so many festive alternatives out there for alcohol - skinny girl margaritas, almond milk or coconut milk low calorie egg nog and peppermint eggnog drinks. Add your rum to that instead of real eggnog and water it down. Look on the internet for your favourite drink and see ways to make it lower calorie. The options are there,  if you look for them  

3. drink lots of water. DeHydration is one of the biggest reasons you’re hungover. 

4. I don’t reward myself the next morning. If I’m craving bad food, too bad. I did this to myself and I go in knowing the consequences. 

5. I get out and move the next day. Even if I’m feeling lazy, I don’t lounge around, I get the alcohol out of my system and drink lots of water, electrolytes and greens. There’s nothing worse than stacking a night out of drinking with a bad day of eating. 

How to incorporate alcohol into your fitness goals


Weight control is largely calories in calories out but it’s definitely not the whole picture. 
cardio is a great way to expend calories, however cardio, especially high intensity cardio, triggers a hunger response for some people. Others it suppresses their appetite. 

If you’re burning roughly 10-15 calories a minute and you’re doing around half hour of cardio, you’re burning 300-450 calories.

If this creates hunger to the point you’re eating much more than that or it justifies bad eating habits for you, I recommend lower impact movement like going for walks and strength training. 

Cardio for weight control. Should you do it..


1 train smart: be clear on which muscles you want to build and be sure that those are the muscles being worked in training. Mind body connection is important with this, as is light weight. To build the small weaker muscles you must use weight to match their ability, or else the already larger muscles do the work. 

2. While training this way, you want to minimize fat    by eating in a slight surplus, sticking to whole foods, and utilizing carbohydrates to match your body’s efficiency and metabolic rate. 

3. maintain muscle, lose fat: this is the last part. Our body breaks down fat and muscle simultaneously in order to survive. The trick is to eat in a slight deficient while maintaining strength. Extremes are not your friend in this process. Listen to your body and protect your metabolism and hormone health if you’re looking for long term results. 

3 things to know on body sculpting